For the Hmong Lutheran Church in Vietnam

Maida Jaspersen (Mankato, Minnesota USA)

About the presenter

Maida Jaspersen is a Studio Art major at Bethany Lutheran College. Currently, she is very excited to be working on her Senior Capstone project and is pursuing a future in children's book illustration. To see some of her work, visit

[The Christ in Media Institute (CMI) at Bethany Lutheran College instituted a "Fellowship of CMI" to recognize and encourage Bethany students pursuing academic projects in harmony with the goals of the Christ in Media Institute, that is, to employ media to spread the Gospel. Maida was recognized as a Fellow of CMI in the spring of 2023. Here she describes her work and that of some colleagues. — The Editor]


God has been showering the Hmong Lutheran church, also called the Hmong Free Church, or HFC, in Vietnam with blessings. The congregation is absolutely flourishing with over 140,000 members and rapid growth. They just approved 60 men for seminary training, in addition to more than the 120 men who have already received seminary training there. This year marked the completion of the construction of their new seminary building outside of Hanoi. On top of the main church body, there are over 350 village congregations as well as many growing satellite groups. The Sunday School classrooms in Vietnam are well-equipped with our beautiful, WELS-produced, instructional comics. [WELS is the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod.]

I, along with 14 other skilled artists, have the incredible job of producing these comics for WELS Multi-Language Productions. With the goal of communicating God's Word clearly, we craft two-page illustrations based on the scripture used by Sunday School teachers. Each story is carefully considered by the artist, researched, sketched, and sent in for approval. Unlike most other comics, ours are composed of images only, no text. Our focus is on communicating with the universal visual language. This project started with Zambia (which you can read more about here) and has grown so much since. More artists have joined the team, and the demand for work has increased. For Vietnam, we are producing a fuller curriculum of stories spanning from creation to Paul in Rome. In addition, the churches are looking for two versions of each story: one for primary and one for elementary ages. Along with the full-color illustrations, we create coloring page versions for students to color and take home.

It is such a blessing to be able to combine the skills of our hands and heads, with the mission in our hearts.

Below are some of the images — some produced for younger audiences and others for older audiences.

For Younger Audiences

The Plagues by Holly Harris


The Golden Calf by Joanna Wessel


The Baptism of Jesus by Abby Skorenkyi


The Great Catch of Fish by Emily Paschke


Feeding of the 5,000 by Alisson Kock


... and here are a few produced for older audiences

The Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah by Jesse Cordes


The Passover by Andy Overn


Religious Worship Ordained for Israel by Lydia Kratz


The Forerunner of the Savior Announced by Lizzy Strackbein


Parable of the Sower and its Meaning by Maida Jaspersen


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Lori Ehlke (Luther High School) 2023-10-16 3:26:35pm
I love seeing these illustrations. How did you all work together to have a similar vibe? How many illustrations will be in the collection?
Maida Jaspersen (Bethany Lutheran College) 2023-10-23 3:56:29pm
Hello Lori!

From the beginning, we were instructed to produce work that fit an exciting comic book style. From there artists are free to work in their own style. I believe there will be a little over 100 illustrations when we are finished with this batch. Glad you are enjoying our work!
Lorenzo Falleti (Bethany Lutheran College) 2023-10-17 10:14:34am
I found this article interesting, even if I don't know a lot about this topic, so It was difficult for me to understand the article and the project but it looks well organized. Also, I was impressed from the illustrations below the article, I like when it is used illustrations to explain a concept, so thanks to the illustrations I found everything more interesting and it engaged me to understand better about this topic and promotion.
Maida Jaspersen (Bethany Lutheran College) 2023-10-23 3:58:40pm
Hello Lorenzo!

I'm so glad you like the illustrations, sorry if some things were confusing. If there is anything I can clear up let me know! There is another article about this project from last year that might help explain some things: