How a Pastor Might Use AI to Assist in Ministry

Paul Schupmann (Verona, Wisconsin USA)

About the presenter

Pastor Schupmann has been the lead pastor at Resurrection Lutheran Church (WELS), Verona and Monroe, Wisconsin, since May of 2022, having previously served for 15 years at St. John's in Juneau, Lowell and Horicon, Wisconsin. He and his wife have three children.


A pastor can utilize AI in various ways to enhance their ministry and support their congregation without necessarily getting into doctrinal questions. Here are some ways AI can be applied in a church or pastoral context while avoiding using AI to dictate or influence doctrine:

**Sermon Preparation and Research:**

**Administrative Tasks:**

**Data Analysis for Outreach:**

**Accessibility and Inclusivity:**

**Online Engagement and Content Recommendations:**

**Language Translation:**

By focusing on these practical and non-doctrinal uses of AI, pastors can harness technology to improve their ministry and better serve their congregation. It's essential to maintain transparency about the use of AI and ensure that it aligns with the church's values and mission.


This essay was written by ChatGPT and edited by Pastor Paul Schupmann of Resurrection, Verona & Monroe, WI.


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Tom Kuster (Christ in Media Institute) 2023-10-18 4:34:39pm
Great "surprise ending," Pastor Schupmann! I love it. Maybe I should find a photo of ChaatGPT to put at the top next to your picture – but then that would spoil the surprise. And I don't know where to find such a photo, just a strange impersonal green logo. Still, there are also some useful ideas in there, which is the point.
Paul Schupmann (RLC) 2023-10-19 7:34:14pm
Glad you enjoyed. Thanks for the comment.
Jas Lonnquist 2023-10-31 5:56:41pm
There are several reasons why some writers might be hesitant about AI. One of the primary concerns is that AI-generated content may lack the creativity, nuance, and emotional depth that human writers can provide. While AI can be useful for generating content quickly and efficiently, it may not be able to replicate the unique voice and style of a human writer. Additionally, there are concerns that AI-generated content may be biased or inaccurate, as it relies on pre-existing data.

For the record, that comment was also written by ChatGPT!

My thoughts - Although many people, including writers, use AI for research and more, AI generates content by mining the original work of others and sharing it without credit or compensation. Ouch. Worse, that work may contain errors and those errors are proliferated as people borrow from the same sources. Most concerning, who is curating or cancelling the content you're allowed to see? Administrative uses are fine, but I know there's a better source for sermon prep!

An interesting twist - thank you for sharing.