A Social Media Style Guide

Gretta Zellmer (Menasha, Wisconsin USA)

About the presenter

Gretta Zellmer, a 2023 graduate of Wisconsin Lutheran College, Milwaukee, with a degree in Marketing and Management along with Communication and Finance, discovered her passion for public relations in Communication courses. In her free time, Gretta involves herself in the community and tries to build connections with those she meets as a barista.


In the spring of the 2023 school year, three students at Wisconsin Lutheran College in Milwaukee, under the direction of CMI Board Member Prof. Jessica Gehrke, undertook a class project in support of the Christ in Media Institute (host of this conference), producing a Style Guide for the CMI internet presence. We are very grateful to Jenna Charron, Kenton Dvorak, and Gretta Zellmer for this service. — The Conference Hosts


Click here for Gretta's introduction to the project (an .mp4 video).

Click here to view the Style Guide

(a .pdf file).


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Jas 2023-11-04 11:29:53am
Great information, Gretta. Thank you for sharing.